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4 Tips to Stick to Your Fitness Routine

Hi everybody hope you had an amazing summer. Now that summer is over I feel like a lot of us are getting back to a structure routine to include our fitness goals. I am here to give you a few tips that always help me stay discipline.

First let's note that each individual and their goals are unique. They will be times/ situation that a tip that works for me won't work for you, and that's ok. Let's also keep in mind that different stages of our fitness journey require different commitments and sometimes sacrifice. Different stages require different approaches.

Learn to understand your process and most importantly always focus on mental health. Know what your mind and body are ready for. What stage in your journey you are in? What’s your end goal?

Please I ask you to enjoy your journey, learn from the falls (because you will fall, we all do), and love your body for what it’s capable of doing.

Tips to stick to your fitness goal:

1. Set your goal. This seems simple enough but a lot of times “your goal” is not really your goal but a illusion of your goal. We focus on what others want for us and we believe it’s what we want for ourselves.

2. Set yourself milestones and be patience: fitness goals typically are weeks, months or even years of hard work. Setting mini-goals will help you stay motivated. (I don’t like using the word motivated because motivation is temporarily, it comes and goes, discipline in the other hand is something you can keep forever)

3. Be ready to say NO. No to others but surprisingly enough no to yourself. It’s life changing when you master your emotions, which in time masters your thoughts (or the other way around, either way it works lol) When you able to say “No” to yourself you able to say no to anybody.

4. Have a support system: if you are serious about your goals then make it known to your circle. Make them understand the importance of your goal and how they can help you along the way. But don’t get mad when they hold you accountable.

Love & growth from PaoWow

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