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Changing your eating habits.

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Our approach to changing our eating habits differ from person to person. Some people can go from their current habits to strict dieting. #Dieting for most people is not sustainable, nor is it a lifestyle change. It’s a short term solution to a long term problem (Except for athletes and competitors). Instead make small changes that will have a permanent impact on your #health and body #transformation.


  • Need to drink more water. Don’t get overwhelmed with the pressure of drinking a gallon a water a day. Start with one glass of water before each meal. Progress :)

  • Never worked out before or inconsistent with the #gym. Commit to 2x a week. Try this the first month, the second month move to 3x a week. Progress :)

  • Unbalanced or skip #meals. Start with having a #balance #breakfast. Be consistent with one thing and move to the next. Progress :)

We are naturally overachievers urging us to make all the changes at once and when we miss one thing we end up giving up. Stop the cycle take one step at a time.

Other things to keep on mind.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Instead Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.

  • Literally, every”body” is different. We all have different body types (ecto, meso, endo, hybrid), different metabolic rate, different genes and lifestyles.

  • Different #goals, require different approaches. Stay focus on “YOUR” end goal.

  • Keep in mind of your starting point, the stage you currently are in your #fitnessjourney. Do you need to make adjustments to take it to the next level? This goes back to your end goal.

  • Understand why you are making these changes and create a action plan for the, “HOW” you will reach your end outcome.

Time to take the #courage to take the first step. What change will you start with this week ?

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1 Comment

Julian Vasco
Julian Vasco
Mar 05, 2020

Amazing read!

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