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Make “Recharging” Part of Your Lifestyle.

Don’t underestimate the need and importance of recharging. Identify signs of burnout, figure out what helps you recharge physically, emotionally, creatively and do more of it.

We have cultivated a culture of “hustle hard” putting tremendous amount of pressure to constantly be going and going with no time to even take a deep breath. Oddly enough when we do set a moment to relax and recharge guilt sets in, for taking time for ourselves. The expectations are to operate like the energizer bunny but the reality of things is our body and mind are not wired to work nonstop. In the contrary our mind and body are connected in a way that require a daily recharge, self-care and rest. Make time for yourself. Start with 5 minutes a day.

Figuring out what “recharging” means for each individual looks different depending on their lifestyle. I urge you to make recharge a must and not a “I should”. We tend to put ourselves last, setting other priorities before us. Remember taking care of yourself will help you perform your best for work, your family, your relationships and most importantly “YOU”. Learn to manage your energy :)

At the beginning it can be challenging to incorporate “recharging” into our “busy” schedules. I would start with identifying signs of burnout. Again remember everybody is different but here are few signs I am familiar with.

1. Overwhelmed (even with the smallest task)

2. Irritated

3. Procrastinating

4. Scatterbrained

5. Depression

Physically signs of burnout:

1. Sleep disturbance

2. Exhausted

3. Constantly getting sick (common cold)

Ideally we would want to recharge before getting to the burnout point. But until you make it part of your lifestyle, lookout for the signs.

Ok that’s done, so now that we know we are in urgent need of a recharge. What’s next ? Find ways to help you feel revived. Here a few things that have help me tremendously.

1. Exercise

2. Hiking with my pups (the pups are a most)

3. Prayer

4. Meditation

5. Reading

6. Get more sleep

7. Nice warm bath

8. Do something fun

9. Journal writing

10. Take a break from technology

These are my top 10 methods of recharging, find your top 10 and do them often.

Hope I able to help you in your journey in finding a healthy life balance for your mind, body and spirit. Have the courage to make the change today.

Love & Grow


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