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Part 1: Self Love = Happiness

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

This is a subject I really wanted to tap into because it's so underestimate. We are constantly seeking for happiness in the external not realizing happiness is within us. Furthermore not understanding the connection of self love to happiness.

Before we talk about the importance and benefits of self love - let's admit the constant struggle and work it is to love yourself. How easy is it to love others but a challenge to love ourselves just as much? Have you ever wonder why that is? Love is not meant to be easy. Love is a process, it's consistency and unconditional. Something we forget or ignore when it's times to love one self.

Instead we expect to love ourself overnight, with little effort and conditional - if we make certain "changes" for example lose 15 pounds. Is this the way you love others ? Do you tell them to lose weight so you can love them more? Or get a better job? Would that make you love your partner, sibling, parents more? The worse part about it, is that we keep adding to the list until it's get to overwhelming to even try.

In theory we understand nobody is perfect, but do we understand that for ourselves?! In Part 2 of this blog we will dive into learning how to love ourselves with our flaws and imperfections. Knowing who we truly are, what "we" want for ourselves, accepting the good and bad and working towards the growth & changes we want.

Why is it important to love yourself?

Feeling comfortable in your own skin will change your entire life! The empowerment you gain from self-love is unimaginable. The state of appreciation leads to physical, mental and spiritual growth.

  1. Self compassion / forgiveness (understanding we are human and make mistakes, it's ok)

  2. Higher Self Esteem / Confidence

  3. Better health :)

  4. Increase Energy / Productivity

  5. Self Awareness (you learn to know your worth, nobody can tell you who you are except you)

  6. Stress levels will drastically decrease

  7. Healthier Relationships (you can pour from an empty cup)

  8. You do not seek for validation or permission.

Fortunate (I say this purposely as it's been one of the best things that has happened to me) for us we need to love ourself first before we are truly happy. It's a blessing and beautiful journey. Once you overcome the challenges, enjoy every minute of your self-love growth.

To be continue ...

Part 2: How to love yourself.

FRIDAY 10/21

Love and Grow with Pao

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