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Part 2: How to love yourself?!

Welcome back to loving yourself with PaoWow. Hope you enjoyed part 1. Please remember I write from my perspectives, my experiences and what has worked for me in hopes of helping somebody in their journey.

In theory loving yourself should be easy or at-least thats what everybody tells us. But it's easier said than done. How many times have we read books, or practice affirmation sayings, in hopes of magically waking up with a new self proclaim love for ourself. What we don't realize is that loving ourselves is one of the hardest things you'll ever do. We just find it easier to love others. Additionally, how many of us have been raise to think loving ourself is selfish?

Anybody can give you a list of things to do that will lead to self love (which I will) but in reality we have to dig deep. How we are raise, our traumas, cultural, years of self criticism can make loving yourself a difficult and challenging task. Here are a few things to think of when you are in your journey.

  1. Define self-love (your version and what makes you feel good)

  2. Self-love is something we are constantly woking on. (not a destination)

  3. Understand that trauma and difficult circumstances do influence your self-love journey.

  4. Nobody is perfect, including you. You don't have to love your current state or situation in order to love yourself.

  5. Understand the importance of loving yourself.

  6. Negate negative self talk with positive "FACTS"

Now for the fun part, well I think its the "fun" part because its the easiest part in my opinion and two I get to do things that I enjoy. Here I will be listing some practices that helped me along the way. Try to create a routine to incorporate some of the tips that you believe will help you, go adjusting them accordingly to meet your needs.

Tips in your journey:

  1. Know yourself, who you are, what you need, everything about yourself.

  2. Go out with yourself, feel comfortable being alone / Travel Alone

  3. Regular Self-Care (my favorite one)

  4. Journal (write all your thoughts, truly pour your heart out)

  5. Practice forgiveness (especially self-forgiveness)

  6. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable - challenge yourself in new ways.

  7. Practice Gratitude for the things you have versus complaining for the things you don't have

  8. PRAY & Meditate

Please remember the journey is not over-night, requires work, demands deep rooted realizations and healing. It's not easy but its so worth it. Trust me once you master the art of loving yourself you will see the true potential you have in this world, your light will shine bright. Welcome to happiness.

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