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What does it mean to be consistent?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The definition of consistency is a harmony, regularity, or a steady continuity. On black and white being considered a “consistent person” can seem to be someone lackluster and predictable. Someone who tends to behave in the same manner or have the same attitude towards people or things. However, if applied with the right mindset and direction this skill set can be advantageous or harmful. Let’s take a look at a real life situation. There are 2 employees working for the same company; they have the same shift and position at this company. Employee A usually clocks in 10 min after their shift starts. While employee B clocks in 10 minutes before. Both can be considered being consistent but they’re applying it differently. Society usually views consistency as a positive attribute while the negative effects are more of “habits”. To be clear, habits are formed through consistency and it can occur consciously or unconsciously. It is essential to be consistent in positive attributes because they can shape your character/mindset and point you to the direction you want to be heading towards. Having certain habits can make you take certain steps like helping you get to work 10 minutes early or late. Another example can be pushing yourself to go do your training/cardio session or even just ordering a salad. Although you need to sometimes push yourself the feeling you get after that session/meal (ok maybe but the salad) is more satisfying than the feeling of failure and disappointment. Consistency not only makes you accountable and responsible but also gives you the necessary confidence and discipline to flawlessly generate an environment that is healthy and tailored towards what you really want. Little by little you will start to make subtle changes like prep your meals or simply saying no to a night out with your friends. As you start to prioritize your mindset/goals the people and energy around you will begin to shift. You will start to attract like minded individuals who will motivate you and help you steer in the direction you want to go to. These consistent small changes can and will mold you into the person you want to become and will also keep you focused and progressing towards your goals!

By JayStellar

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Julian Vasco
Julian Vasco
Mar 05, 2020

Wow this is deep ! Amazing thanks

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